Koppa supports Amnesty International

By Dirk Menkveld on false

There is much to do about the 2020 World Cup in Qatar; ever since Qatar was allocated to host the '22 World Cup in 2010, Amnesty International has denounced human rights abuses in several reports. Migrant workers who built the infrastructure and stadiums for the World Cup would have to work and live in appalling conditions. Amnesty International has ensured that Qatar has made improvements and reforms in this area, but migrant workers still face extremely long working hours and back wages, among other things. 

Because FIFA takes virtually no responsibility in terms of human rights violations in the preparations for the World Cup in Qatar, and we believe Amnesty International's work is important for the future of organizations of European Championships and World Cups by various countries, Koppa is making a financial contribution to Amnesty International as a show of support. We hope that this action inspires users and customers of Koppa to also donate to Amnesty International themselves so that they can continue their work to safeguard the future working conditions of migrant workers working on European Championships and World Cups.